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Your Crawlspace Door Could Save You Thousands

Your Crawlspace Door Could Save You Thousands

Your crawlspace door could save you thousands. We never thought about how important something as simple as a crawlspace door could be to help protect your home. After going out in “the field” and seeing the damage caused by rodents to HVAC systems, insulation and the sub-floor of a home because the crawlspace access was open was astonishing. There needed to be better solution than a piece of wood or makeshift crawlspace door. Almost every metal crawlspace door was rusty with holes in it allowing rodents in the crawlspace.

Our ABS plastic retrofit crawlspace door has become our staple product and representation of what Crawl Space Door Systems strives for as a company. Offering simple crawlspace products and solutions to help protect your home. Rodents can eat through duct lines causing damages you may not be aware of and costing you money in utility bills. Rodents may camp in insulation and duct lines leaving their waste and urine that absorb into your sub-floor. Over time this can cause contamination in your home and possible health problems for your family.

Our vented crawlspace door not only keeps rodents out of your crawlspace but, introduces a significant amount of fresh healthy air to your crawlspace. Fresh air in the crawlspace helps reduce odors and radon gas. But, first keep the rodents out of your crawlspace!

You have installed the new crawlspace door on your home but, you still need to check for other entry points. Your home’s foundation air vent are a culprit just like your crawlspace opening. Walk around and inspect your foundation for any other openings or repairs that may be need repair. If you are unsure what to look for can always hire a pest control company or crawlspace structural repair company to perform the work.

Remember, your home owners insurance does not cover rodent damage! 

Crawlspace Door
Crawlspace door can help keep your crawlspace protected.


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