Our Experience

  • We’ve been working under the house since 1983.
  • Our extensive hands-on experience means we understand the challenges faced in eliminating under-home moisture problems while working directly with our customers.
  • We not only develop & test our extensive product line, we install it too!
  • That means we can help you develop a profitable service & product line for your customers.

Our Product line includes durable plastic doors with louvers and vermin screen, air vents with louvers and vermin screen, FEMA compliant flood vents, shutter fans, doors with fans, portable crawl space fans and vent covers, and moisture barriers. These door systems are designed to create easy access to the crawl space and maximize crawl space ventilation.

Exhaust fan doors are effective as whole crawl space exhaust systems. The doors and vent covers can be used seal crawl spaces and for encapsulation applications. All of our products are easy to install.

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This technology is unparalleled by industry standards. The crawl space doors, air vents, flood vents, and portable exhaust fans are used on single family homes and large condo complexes.

Crawl Space Doors

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ICC Breakaway Flood Vents

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Air Vents

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Vent Covers

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Vapor Barrier Products

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Sump Pump Products

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Crawl Space Lights

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